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What is decreased bone density?

Decreased bone density, also known as osteopenia or osteoporosis, occurs when the struts and plates that make up bone tissue become thinner and more porous over time. This causes bones to become fragile and increases the risk of fractures.

Some key things to know about decreased bone density:

Diagnosis and treatment typically involves:

If you're concerned about your bone health, the hormone optimization experts at Balance Clinic offer advanced testing and treatments personalized for your needs. Their holistic plans go beyond just medications to help you improve diet, activity levels, hormonal balance, and supplementation for stronger bones for life!

Here are some key lifestyle tips for keeping your bones strong:



Prevent Falls

Avoid Smoking and Excessive Alcohol

The takeaway? Decreased bone density quietly develops over time but significantly raises fracture risks. Getting a DXA scan to monitor your bone health, making lifestyle changes, and seeking treatment if needed can help strengthen your bones and prevent debilitating fractures. Reach out to the bone health specialists at Balance Clinic today to take charge of your skeletal system health!

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