What is DHEA?

DHEA, short for dehydroepiandrosterone, is an important hormone that is produced naturally by the adrenal glands. DHEA levels peak when we are in our 20s and 30s, after which they steadily decline with age.

What does DHEA do?

DHEA is considered both a male and a female sex hormone. It plays several important roles in the body:

In essence, maintaining adequate DHEA levels can help us feel and function at our best as we age.

What causes low DHEA?

There are several potential causes of declining DHEA levels, including:

If your DHEA levels are lower than normal for your age group, it is worth investigating potential causes with your healthcare provider, especially if you have symptoms like low energy, brain fog, irritability, weakened immunity, or loss of muscle mass.

Can you boost low DHEA levels?

Yes, restoring depleted DHEA levels may help recapture some of that youthful vitality! Options include:

The hormone optimization experts at Balance Clinic can help determine if DHEA supplementation is right for your needs through advanced testing and personalized treatment plans. Their cutting-edge therapies help both men and women achieve peak hormonal health for improved quality of life. Contact them today for a consultation!

What are the side effects of DHEA supplements?

When taken under medical supervision at appropriate therapeutic dosages, DHEA supplementation is generally quite safe for most adults. However potential side effects can include:

That's why it's important to have your DHEA levels properly tested and only take what your body actually needs based on the test results. Start with low doses and let your healthcare provider know if any worrisome symptoms develop.

In summary, DHEA is a vital hormone that declines naturally with age. Restoring levels to an optimal range can potentially turn back the clock and help you function at a younger biological level again! Consider testing and properly supervised treatment if low DHEA is suspected.

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