What is endurance?

Endurance is the ability to withstand or endure mentally or physically challenging conditions for an extended period of time. Some key aspects of endurance include:

Endurance activities that test both physical and mental stamina include:

How can you improve endurance?

To boost endurance, engage in regular cardiovascular exercise to strengthen your heart and lungs. Run, swim, cycle, or participate in aerobic classes 3-6 times a week. Slowly increase duration and intensity. Support cardiovascular health with a nutritious, high protein diet.

Also work to build mental endurance through visualization, positive self-talk, practicing pushing past comfort zones, having a WHY, and surrounding yourself with the right, uplifting people. Consider working with an endurance coach or trainer to tailor an endurance training program to your unique needs and goals.

Ideally combine physical training, mental strategies, proper nutrition and hormonal balance to become an endurance machine! Test yourself by signing up for charity endurance events like a marathon, triathlon, cycling fondo or long distance swim. Or go on an adventurous endurance-testing trip like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, running across the Gobi desert, or biking across Australia.

Push your body and mind to discover just how much endurance you have! As the saying goes: "Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic." So commit to increasing your endurance and see what you can achieve!

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