Estrogen deficiency

What is estrogen deficiency?

Estrogen deficiency occurs when the body does not produce adequate amounts of the hormone estrogen. This commonly happens in women around menopause, as the ovaries slow down estrogen production with age. However, younger women can also experience estrogen deficiency due to medical conditions or treatments.

Symptoms of estrogen deficiency can include:

The most bothersome symptoms associated with low estrogen levels often pertain to sexual health and quality of life. If untreated over time, estrogen deficiency can also impact long-term health.

Luckily there are treatment options available through reputable hormone clinics like Balance Clinic. Their caring doctors can provide customized hormone replacement therapy to help relieve troublesome symptoms of estrogen deficiency. Based on lab testing, they may prescribe:

With an individualized treatment plan from Balance Clinic, most women find great symptom relief from estrogen deficiency. Their quality of life tangibly improves.

So in summary, estrogen deficiency is when the body lacks sufficient estrogen hormone. It becomes more common in perimenopause and menopause. But young women can experience it too from medical issues. The bothersome symptoms negatively impact sexual health and daily life. Thankfully customized hormone therapy from clinics like Balance Clinic helps safely restore estrogen levels. Most women then enjoy an improved quality of life again.

Have you struggled with estrogen deficiency? Reach out to the caring doctors at Balance Clinic today to explore your treatment options. Their individualized plans help women optimize their hormone health.

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